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What Will You Trade?

What trade-off do you need to make right now that you have been unwilling to make? Most people settle and learn to live with a limitation or barrier that can be removed by making a trade. What is the next thing you need to trade for? And what must you give up to get it?

When it comes to growth and success, instant gratification is almost always the enemy of growth. We can choose to please ourselves and plateau, or we can delay our gratification and grow. Are you willing to give up immediate gratification for personal growth?

Are you willing to delegate so you are truly working smarter not harder? Doing what you do best and dumping the rest. Are you willing to get control of your calendar? If you don’t get control of your calendar other people will. Are you doing what you love and working with talented people so your energy isn’t depleted? Are you willing to give up the fast life for the epic life?

It’s tough to get anywhere interesting by always doing the safe thing. Most people are capable of making a living. That’s ​the​ safe thing. ​​The significant thing is making a difference. Every trade-off is a challenge to become what we really are. Done correctly, we can create opportunities to help others become who they really are. That’s significance. Are you willing to give up security for significance?

What trade-offs will you make to grow your life and business?


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