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What Makes a Superstar?

Ever met someone who was put in a bad situation with poor tools, no training, and bad resources and still within a few months, began to outperform some of the best people?

Hiring someone like this is not about luck. It’s about understanding the personality characteristics that fit the job for which you are hiring and having the tools to identify the candidate that possesses those characteristics.

What makes a superstar?

If you are looking for a 6’4” - 210lb wide receiving that runs a 4.3-second forty-yard dash, has a 4’ vertical leap, is a professional route runner, and rarely drops a pass in traffic with 100,000 fans in the stadium - then you wouldn’t advertise to the world that you are looking for a football player, would you?

Look again at your list of initiatives or jobs for which hiring a superstar could change everything. Write down the personality characteristics that would make someone succeed in the role. If you get stuck, think of a professional you know who would do well in the role and list the traits that you associate with that person.

Are they accountable? Do they have respect for others? Do they show others they care? Do they execute? Do they look for ways to be part of the solution?

Superstars have common denominators:

  • They have a scoreboard that tells them if they are winning or losing and what needs to be done to change their performance.

  • They have a high internal, and emotional need to succeed. They do not need to be begged to do their role.

  • They love to be measured and be held accountable for their results.

  • They have the skills and chops to do their role. It’s not their first rodeo.

  • They are humble enough to ask for coaching. What else can I do? Where else can I get better? What do I need to learn so that I can continue to grow?

Get clear and find your next superstar.


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