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Blind Spots

When was the last time you observed patterns in your behaviors? The best outcome of self-awareness is to figure out what makes you great and be more of it. Continually add to that list, refine it, and build on it. Conversely, seek to be less of what negatively impacts you, those around you, and your desired outcomes.

The one constant factor in all your endeavors is you. Self-awareness is empowering because it arms you with knowledge and enables you to make better choices — to change and grow.

How often are you asking for trusted feedback? Feedback is the breakfast of champions. One of the key indicators of low self-awareness is being unaware of personal blind spots—traits or aspects that may limit the way you act, react, behave, or believe, and in turn, limit your effectiveness.

Stay Curious. Our inclinations, fueled by our culture, backgrounds, and experiences, influence who we are, and we are still responsible for who we continually become. New circumstances can also create new triggers or lead to different reactions. Stay curious, and don't stop seeking to understand yourself.

Awareness is the first step to change.

Cheers to being aware.


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