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The Unconventional Path to Building a Powerhouse Team

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Let's get one thing straight: managing people most likely isn't your forte. That's not a flaw; it's a fact. And here's the kicker: your business's growth is handcuffed to your own limitations. But, who said you have to play by the rules?

The first rule of leadership? Attract who you are. If you're aiming high, your lead admin needs to be shooting for the stars just as hard as you are. Surround yourself with people who aren't going to flinch at your work style. Because, let's face it, tiptoeing around egos won't get the job done.

Want to scale your business? Time to graduate from the kiddie pool. Your organization's size isn't about you; it's about the caliber of people you bring on board. The dream team doesn't get offended easily; they're too busy crushing goals.

Here's a nugget of wisdom: mastering the art of running a small business is your ticket to the big leagues. Start with the end in mind — your profit. Set a target, chase it down, then set a new one. Rinse and repeat.

What business model are you following? People who choose not to follow a model, work harder and make less money.

Now, ask yourself: what's the financial goal for your business? Remember, it's your team's job to turn opportunities into gold. And remember, excellence is the standard; mediocrity need not apply. Pay well, demand the best, and settle for nothing less.

Got an admin team that's less "Avengers" and more "meh"? Hold off on expanding your sales force. And if trust is an issue, you've got the wrong players on your team. Why keep someone who's not up to snuff? Life's too short, and business is too brutal for that kind of loyalty.

People excel at what they understand and commit to. Considering we spend oceans of time with our colleagues, choosing the right crew isn't just crucial; it's non-negotiable.

And here's a reality check for the self-proclaimed hiring gurus: nailing sales doesn't make you a recruitment savant. It's okay for people to move on. Trying to save everyone is stupid.. Some people just aren't cut out for your brand of greatness.

Your potential is limitless. But remember, not everyone's going to be the top earner. That's life. And in this game, you pick your victories.

Looking to build a foundation for your company? Think outside the box. Consider teachers, military personnel, and first responders. They've got skills; they just need someone like you to harness them.

Without strong leadership, it's the loudest voice that fills the silence — and that's a dangerous game. So, occasionally, dip your toes back into the frontline. Remember what it's like to hustle for leads.

Want to live large? Brace yourself for the grind. The path to your biggest life is paved with tasks you'd rather dodge. But when you've got a championship-level admin team and a lead pipeline that's bursting at the seams, you're playing a different game — one where "rare issues" are the only kind you'll encounter.

In essence, building a business that defies expectations and shatters ceilings isn't about managing people. It's about cultivating a battlefield of warriors who share your vision, your tenacity, and your relentless pursuit of excellence. It's about leadership that inspires, empowers, and elevates. So, what's your move?


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