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Teach, Coach, Empower

​​​​How can you share your knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others? What is your area of expertise, your genius zone?

Model it - Before teaching others, ensure you have a strong grasp of the skill yourself so that you can effectively guide them.

Mentor them - Demonstrate the skill and allow them to observe. Learning starts when you show others how to do what you do.

Monitor them - Have them perform the task while you observe and provide feedback for improvement. Learning takes time and requires coaching.

Motivate them - Hand off the task to those you have trained as soon as possible, and encourage them to excel.

Multiply them - Train someone else alongside you so that they can, in turn, train others.

What abilities and knowledge can you contribute? Opportunities to make an impact surround us, and we can make a difference starting now by taking action.


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