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Talent Shift

Do you have the right talented sales and operations leaders to win in these market conditions?

Before we look at others, we must take an honest look at ourself. Are we maximizing our own productivity? Are we being the best version of ourselves? Are we working from a clear sense of priority and executing on what matters most? Is our schedule set up to win?

Our path to business success is in direct parallel with personal growth. Our business will never exceed who we are.

Once we are clear about how our personal efforts are getting more of the important things done, cost-effectively, then, our focus moves to others in our business.

The role we play in our sales business as a leader is critical—now more than ever. And, right now, we must be able to do more with less.

We only ever have one critical issue when it comes to people, we either have the right ones or the wrong ones.

REAL talent is our greatest asset. They want to win and will do more in order to succeed. They are a great match for the role you need them to do and they are motivated to do the work. They require less of our time and will accomplish more in less time.

One of the the most challenging leadership decisions we’ll face is who and what we can afford, and, who we can’t afford to lose. We need to find out who really wants to win, quickly.

We must sit down with our people and share the reality of what’s happening in the market. Tell them the truth about the situation, where the business is today and where we see it going. Visit with each person to see if they’re with us and are willing to do what it takes to survive the short game and win the long game.

We’ll need to realign job descriptions around what must get done right now.

Set clear, easy-to-measure performance goals, standards and activities for each person. Be positive and clearly communicate what needs to happen. Then expect results or resignations— you’ll accept either.

Establish a simple training schedule to make sure everyone knows what to do, how to do it and, what is expected of them.

Meet frequently with each person to evaluate their success and reach agreement on any corrective action.

Celebrate the small victories as well as the big ones. Always focus on progress first, then opportunity for improvement.

The right people are the right people, even if they need some training or coaching or a modified job description. They fit the definition of talent, they’re a behavioral match, and we want them on our team.

The wrong people are the wrong people. By definition, the wrong people can’t do the right things. They are not a fit. They’re not talent. And we have to take action.

Are you willing to stake your career and reputation on each person in your business right now? Do they have a strong work ethic, resilient attitude? Are they trainable to mastery and willing to follow your systems?

If we need to hire different people, hire people with capacity who are self motivated and self accountable that can do the job NOW.

We hire talent, we don’t create it. We will not change a single person. We Hire success, we don’t train it. 90% of the training is done when we hire the right person. We can’t pay people to be talented.

The measure of our success in life is in the direct proportion to what you’re willing to do when you don’t want to do it.


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