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Remember and Honor

Memorial Day is a day for honoring those who served and died in our armed forces and is a sobering reminder of sacrifice and honor.

Appreciation Matters

Keep in mind that this holiday is all about giving appreciation and thanks. Thank you to those who served and defended our nation.

Leadership Matters

Leadership is about doing – not about thinking, wondering, hoping, or dreaming. Many amazing leaders were members of the US military. There is great value in those who stand next to you and leadership goes hand-in-hand with trust and teamwork. Training Matters In depth, unwavering training is at the core of being in the military. The stakes are high and there is no room for error – that makes the training, drills, and repetition crucial. There is no substitute for knowledge and the experience that comes from both training and execution. That allows for a focus on the bigger picture and impact because muscle memory kicks in when needed. Dedication Matters

There is a high level of commitment and dedication that it takes to serve and sacrifice for your country. There are moments that certainly push one’s limits, and for that, fantastic tenacity is required to find success. For those who sacrificed, they showed the ultimate dedication and refused to waiver in the face of adversity.​ Thanks so much to all who served.


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