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Opportunities or Obstacles?

There are two ways to see the world - to see what we want or to see everything that stands in the way of what we want. The way we see problems shapes our attitude and our leadership.

Do you see problems as an opportunity to use your leadership for the betterment of the team and business? Or are they obstacles that simply ruin your plans and discourage you?

Focus on what you want and go after it rather than focus on what is in the way of what you want. Starting this week, when you face a problem, begin using questions to learn more about yourself and the members of your team, gather information, brainstorm ideas, and find solutions.

When did the issue begin?

Who was first to notice it?

What is the impact of it?

Who is affected?

Is this part of a bigger problem? If so, what’s causing it? Who has dealt with this kind of problem successfully? What are a few possible approaches to solving it? What kind of time, expertise, and resources will be needed for these solutions?

What lessons can be learned from all of this?


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