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Needing Help

In elementary school in the late 70’s and all of the 80’s, we were taught that getting help from others was “cheating.” We were not taught to enlist the capabilities of our peers. However, in the world of life and business, collaboration is the name of the game!

Getting help from others is a strength. It allows us to create success in our lives and businesses much faster and can also create a deep sense of meaning and belonging.

Do you realize, there are countless brilliant and capable people out there waiting to help you? They just need to clearly hear and explicitly understand where you are going and what you are looking to accomplish.

Who should you share your dreams with that you haven’t already? Who else should you be collaborating with?

Are you considering the bigger picture? Who in your life or in your organization should you be investing more time with?

Are you focused more on the cost of something or the investment you are making?

Do you realize that when you focus on people and relationships as an investment, you stop worrying about what you’re giving up and instead, realize that by making powerful decisions you can make enormous gains?

Cheers to seeing yourself and the people around you as an investment


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