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Live and Lead

footprints in the snow

In today's world, there's a big rush to become leaders. We see it everywhere – seminars, books, and online courses all promising to show us how to be great leaders. But in this rush, we might be skipping a crucial step: learning how to live.

Wanting to lead is great. It means you want to inspire others, guide them, and make a real difference. But this journey doesn't start in meetings or in books. It starts with living a full life.

Living means going through a whole range of experiences and emotions, and learning from them. It's about knowing who you are, caring deeply for others, facing tough times with courage, and finding joy in the small things. These experiences are what prepare us to lead.

Before we can guide others, we need to live life ourselves. Living teaches us important qualities like humility, patience, and the desire to help others – all crucial for real leadership. It helps us see the world through others' eyes and understand how our actions affect everything around us.

So, if you're keen to lead, maybe take a step back and focus on living first. Dive into life's ups and downs. Let caring for others, staying strong, and wanting to make a positive change drive you. By fully living your life, you'll not only grow as a person but also gather the wisdom and kindness needed to lead others well.

Living and leading are deeply connected, each making the other richer. By opening our hearts and minds to life's lessons, we get ready to take on the big responsibility of leading. Let's not rush through life trying to hit big goals without learning the lessons along the way. After all, how well we live our lives really shapes how we lead.


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