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Leading Underperformance

First off, is the person you are leading even aware of their lack of performance? If we asked the person to rate themselves on a scale from 1-10, would they come back with the same valuation as you?

Questions for the team member:
  • What do you need right now to perform to the best of your ability?

  • What is the most defeating or motivating part of your role?

  • In what ways do you believe we can put your skills to best use?

  • Are you clear on the impact of your work and how it serves the business?

  • How are we going to prevent similar issues from arising in the future?

Questions for the leader:
  • What does winning in their role truly look like?

  • What conversation have you been avoiding with this person?

  • What is it that you haven’t said to them that deep down you know you should?

  • What are they not doing that, if they were, you would be talking about giving them praise?

  • What is the outcome that you want for them?

Does this person have crystal clear, agreed-upon expectations and standards?

Do they know what they should be doing and where they fit into the organization? Do they have the skillset and knowledge of how to perform at the highest level?

Simply put...
  • Do they know what to do?

  • Do they know how to do it?

  • Do they understand why it is important?

Truly reflect for a minute ... Have you or another leader truly invested the time and focus this person deserves?

The ultimate goal is to prevent yourself as the leader from making hiring mistakes in the future.


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