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Journey Through 2023: Challenges, Adventures, and Personal Reflections

A person holding a block with the numbers 23 and 24 on it.

2023 began with a half marathon in Austin, followed by trips to Anaheim and San Diego, California. Then, headed to Oahu, Hawaii, for a family vacation and Aspen's dance performance at Pearl Harbor. The next stop was Scottsdale, Arizona, for Spring Training, followed by a visit to Pittsburgh for Spring Masterminds. Continued to Asheville, North Carolina and then to the Kentucky Derby. Afterward, competed in a 70.3 Ironman competition in Panama City, Florida. Throughout the summer, enjoyed multiple days on Lake Travis, made a quick visit to Seaside, Florida, and went on a brief college tour in San Diego, before heading off to Portland, Maine, for a quick adventure.

The football season kicked off and attended a University of Texas game in Austin and a Dallas Cowboys game in Dallas. Then, went to Ole Miss to see Zac for an LSU football game, followed by a trip to Chicago to run the full marathon with Aspen. After that, participated in Fall Masterminds in Phoenix, Arizona, attended another Cowboys game in Dallas, and concluded the year with a simple family vacation in San Diego.

Despite the travels and adventures, 2023 was a year of significant challenges. It was the year I turned the same age, 49, as my biological father when he passed away. Navigating the economy, coaching real estate business leaders and other coaches was particularly demanding. Staying connected with my bride, raising a daughter who turned 18 and a son who’s about to turn 21 were all challenging aspects of the year. Maintaining old and new relationships while reflecting on my biological father's age at his death added emotional complexity. The loss of a phenomenal coaching client who recently passed away was also deeply affecting.

On top of these challenges, learning new skills, being a reliable friend and partner, embracing mistakes, and acquiring new knowledge were not easy.

As 2023 comes to a close, it's clear that at forty-nine, this year has been a bit challenging. Facing long-term challenges can lead to questioning one's choices and their worth. People often wonder why we endure tough times or if there's an easier path.

Everyone has their unique reasons and paths; no two are identical. We shouldn't judge others for their choices, no matter how fascinating they may seem.

In 2023, I chose several challenges: running a couple of half marathons, completing 13 Murphs, completing a 70.3 Panama City Ironman, and the Chicago Marathon. Logged hundreds of miles on a bike, in running shoes, in the water and on the pull-up bar. Wrote a new book and workshop set to launch in 2024.

This isn't about glorifying relentless effort but recognizing that difficult paths are often self-chosen. The year was tough, mainly due to my own choices, emphasizing what I value. It was difficult because meaningful aspirations are never easy. If 2023 felt tougher than expected, it served as a reminder of my real values and commitments. This reflection helps prepare me for 2024, where additional challenges are anticipated. Excited for this next chapter. Bring it on 2024. Cheers!


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