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Is it worth it?

Are you in search of huge wins, rather than small, steady, positive progress?

How flexible is your thinking? When you’re dedicated to a plan and it isn’t going as you hoped, are you spending enough time rethinking it? Or are you doubling down and sinking more resources into the plan?

Are you constantly rationalizing and justifying your beliefs vs rethinking and evaluating your tactics and strategies? How often are you reassessing your current pursuits? Do your current desires still align with your long-term plans?

The simplest way to start rethinking your options is question what you are doing frequently.

How do you know if what you are pursuing is worth it?

Below are a few simple questions to answer:

Do you want to do it? Is this your idea or someone else’s? Is it your dream, or are you doing it to please others? Because you can’t just want it, you have to crave it enough to make it your obsession.

Can you do it? If you’re not able, if you don’t have the skill or means to make it happen, all the focus in the world isn’t going to deliver results. You must be realistic about what you are capable of achieving so that you’re focusing on something that has at least a possibility of working.

Is it worth your time? I mean, really, really worth your time? Will it be worth the sacrifice and commitment and relentless grind? Are you prepared to dedicate all of your attention to it, not just spare moments when you have nothing else to do?

Is whatever you’re in pursuit of, worth it?


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