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Instant Gratification

What is the structure you need to create the progress you want? What are the missing structural components required to produce consistent execution on your top priorities? When it comes to growth and success, instant gratification is almost always the enemy of growth. We can choose to please ourselves and plateau, or we can delay our gratification and grow. Are you willing to give up immediate gratification for personal growth?

When you look at your business, where are the opportunities for you to tighten up the structure, processes, and efficiency of what gets done? What trade-off do you need to make right now that you have been unwilling to make? Most people settle and learn to live with a limitation or barrier that can be removed by making a trade. What is the next thing you need to trade for? And what must you give up to get it?

Where is the structure of your calendar slipping that is preventing you from taking consistent action on your top priorities?

One issue is that most of us can’t stand structure, which is one of the reasons we started our businesses in the first place. We wanted the freedom to do what we want when we want, right? However, freedom … just like entrepreneurial success has a price —discipline, sacrifice, and structure.

Being in business is tough. And without structure and a model, it is much tougher than it needs to be and definitely less rewarding than what is possible.

Remember, success is not an accident. And sustainable business success requires sacrifice and leverage. No leverage, no long term growth.

Cheers to leverage and building a sustainable, meaningful business.


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