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Success in anything comes from doing the hard part. And this is precisely why it's difficult to focus. Focusing means acknowledging that you just signed up for the hard part.

Where should you have more focus right now?

Doing hard things makes everything else easier. High achievers make adjustments. Continuously. Relentlessly. Whether it is in response to the market or their own goals, high achievers are ever-changing. Altering and adjusting. This is what their life looks like.

Achievers know that they must focus and constantly make adjustments change if they want to win at anything. They know life is too big to think small and too short to move slowly. They know there are ups and downs. They know that old endings can give way to new and better beginnings. And they know that to triumph in any situation they must focus and adapt and change when necessary.

What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to do? What did you do to stay focused? What was the outcome?

Cheers to doing the hard part.


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