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Discussions vs Decisions

​​People often confuse a decision with a discussion.

Have you ever had a great discussion with someone and thought that meant a decision was made?

Discussions and decisions are two completely separate entities. A discussion can take place without any conclusion being made, while a decision requires a conclusion to be reached through agreement or compromise.

Discussions are an opportunity for people to come together and share ideas. It's a way for everyone to brainstorm and get their opinions out there. The goal isn't necessarily to reach any kind of consensus; it's simply about getting the conversation flowing so that everyone can learn from each other.

Decisions require a conclusion. This means that there needs to be an agreement between the parties involved in order for something to be decided upon. Discussions can provide invaluable insight and potentially influence subsequent decisions, ultimately it's up to the individuals involved to decide which course of action is best.

Solutions can definitely arise from discussions, however, decisions are ultimately made by the people involved.

Next time you have a decision to make, be sure to involve everyone in the discussion so that all opinions can be heard before making any kind of final determination.


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