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Crap Clients

Crap Client Checklist
  • They suck the life out of you

  • They bore the life out of you

  • They frustrate the life out of you

Be BRAVE - It’s time to own your fear and use it to move forward and give you strength.

Flush the Crap

Identify the types of clients you want to flush

Step 1:

Identify the Crap Clients. Who shouldn’t you be working with? What turns you off, frustrates you or shuts you down? Which kinds of behaviors or characteristics do you refuse to tolerate?

Step 2:

It’s time to be100% honest with yourself and look at all of your current clients. Who’s sucking the life out of you? Who’s name makes your body go through a transformation when you see them on the caller ID? Who will you be excited to set free from your life?

Step 3:

Flush the crap clients you just listed from step 2. It may be just one client or you may need multiple pages to get them all down. Are you sweating? Heart pounding? Or, our you jumping up and down with excitement now that you have permission to flush the crap?

Why have clients, or anyone for that matter, in your life who drain your energy and leave you feeling frustrated and empty?

Start by referring out just one of the craps clients. The feeling of empowerment you’ll have once you’ve done it will inspire you to continue flushing the crap until it’s all gone.

If you are working with people with whom you do not do your best work, you are out of integrity. You are giving that client far less than your best and you both are suffering for it. You owe it to these clients to refer them to someone who can, and will, do their best work for them.


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