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Average Clients

5 Star Clients, Crap, And Everyone Else

Step 1: Divide your clients into Crap, Average, and 5 Star Clients. Do not hold back or leave anyone out.

You may notice that many of your average clients, those who made neither the 5 star nor crap list, are undergoing some sort of transformation. From what? While you were working with crap clients, you weren’t performing at your best. If think that wasn’t effecting your other clients, think again. The renewed energy and and the more positive environment you’ll create as a result of flushing the crap clients will most likely rejuvenate the relationships between you and some your average clients, turning some of them into 5 star clients.

Step 2: Focus on the Average Clients for a minute.

From the Average client list:

  • Which clients need to move to the crap list? Underline them.

  • Which clients could move to the 5 star client list? Circle them.

Average Clients: Flush ‘em or Develop ‘em

Mastermind or Brainstorm your own ideas for developing these average clients into 5 stars.

  • Can you enrich the dynamics between you by challenging or inspiring your clients in new ways?

  • Do you need to set or reestablish new expectations more clearly starting right now?

  • Are there ways in which you can light new fire or elicit. Great passion for the work you do together?

Turn off your logical brain and let your creativity run wild. When you are fully expressed, fully demonstrating your values, you’ll naturally attract and draw to yourself those best suited to work with, and you’ll push away those you’re not meant to work with.


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