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Are Your People in the Right Role?

Your People In The Right Role? If not, you’ll be frustrated, they’ll be frustrated, and, as a result, you will never be able to completely delegate. Do they completely understand the role?

Are they clear on all the ins and outs?

Are they absolutely clear on how to win in the role? Do they have the physical, mental, spiritual, time, knowledge, and emotional capacity to do the role right now?

Most growing organizations don’t have the luxury of waiting one to five years for someone to gain capacity. They need the seat filled right now. Do they genuinely want the role?

Sometimes people get it and have the capacity, but just don’t want it. You can’t force, pay, motivate or beg them to want it. They must want it on their own. Do they get up each morning excited, wanting, and willing to do it?

In order for someone to be in the right role, step up, and ultimately crush the role … they must be clear on how to win, have the capacity to crush it now, and genuinely want to do the role.


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