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Craig Zuber has been immersed in sales and business, nearly his entire life. Craig loves to encourage, uplift, challenge & inspire others to be the best they can be. He is a third-generation real estate agent on both sides of his family, a best-selling author, dad, husband, and MAPS Executive coach. He coaches some of the biggest and brightest minds in real estate. Leaning on his experience as a published author, entrepreneur, and coach. Craig has a solid track record of coaching leaders to new levels of achievement. Craig lives in Austin, Texas with his bride, Nicole Zuber, and two young adults, Zac and Aspen.

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Craig Zuber is a Keller Williams MAPS Executive Coach specializing in leadership development, team building, lead generation, and system implementation. The average team Coach Zuber coaches has a sales volume of $83M and a Gross Commission Income Average of $2.1M.
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