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Craig Zuber is a force of guidance, passion, and commitment. Recognized as an influential business coach, author, and speaker, Craig has carved out an exceptional position in the real estate world. His success is built on a bedrock of Marine-honed discipline and unwavering determination, principles that fuel both his business strategies and life philosophy.

Craig's life story is defined by his relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. Whether running marathons, competing in Ironman triathlons, or coaching the brightest minds in real estate, he is always on the move, constantly challenging himself and others to excel. An adventurer by nature, he finds joy in skydiving, white-water rafting, deep-sea fishing, boating, motorcycle riding, and customizing jeeps. Above all, his love for tacos and his family stands out as his true passions.

Dedicated to excellence in sales and business, Craig's career is more than just a job—it's his calling. Residing in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Nicole, and their two children, Zac and Aspen, he embodies the role of a devoted family man. As a business coach, Craig doesn't just lead—he inspires. He empowers the most talented professionals in real estate to break through conventional boundaries and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Craig Zuber doesn't merely leave an impression; he sparks a movement toward achieving unparalleled success in both business and life.

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Craig Zuber is a Keller Williams MAPS Executive Coach specializing in leadership development, team building, lead generation, and system implementation. The average team Coach Zuber coaches has a sales volume of $83M and a Gross Commission Income Average of $2.1M.
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